Check your Tickets!

         We’ve all heard the stories of someone winning the lottery but not having the ticket to show for it.  The ticket is either lost somewhere in their home or they threw the ticket away and time is ticking.  We always say to ourselves that we won’t be that person.  “I would never throw my ticket away”. Or “There is no way I could ever lose one of my tickets”.  If you are like me, then you buy a lot of lottery tickets.  The odds of losing a ticket or somehow accidentally throwing one away is always a possibility.

         Just recently, there was a couple in Florida that threw away a winning lottery ticket.  The reason for throwing it away?  They were tired of looking at it sitting on their table.  It wasn’t until their town started running a campaign to find the winning ticket that they realized that they had thrown away the winning ticket.  Unfortunately, without that winning ticket they were unable to claim their winnings. 

         The moral of this story seems fairly simple.  ALWAYS check your tickets before discarding them.  Know the rules of your state.  There is a time limit to claiming your winnings, so be sure that you check your tickets in a timely manner.  The lottery is not forgiving.  Miss the deadline or throw away the ticket and you are out of luck.  Have you ever or someone your know ever forgeotten to check your ticket?  Tell your story in the comments section!


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